Wednesday, April 28, 2010

IPL Fever

60 evenings of watching tv ..60 days of arguments..60 days of hoping that the matches get over..60 evenings of wishing that the thrill continues..60 evenings of watching IPL parties.. 60 days of discussing the weirdness of silly IPL parties..60 days of fun & 60 days of headache..well those 60 days are over but the thrill & fun is far from over. All thanks to Mr. Lalit Modi & Mr. Shashi Tharoor.

IPL 1 belonged to the underdogs (Rajasthan Royals) & bhajji (d famous slap)..IPL 2 was for our fake IPL player, his blogs & famous Ms. Shetty ..but IPL 3 has proved to be the most tech savvy of all..we have tweets & obviously Mr. Mallaya Jr.. Wonder what IPL 4 would bring!!

We are all aware of the entertainment value of Mr. Tharoor..(i sometimes wonder how he could remain so safe & non scandalous till a couple of years back)..Well it seems that Twitter has found the correct brand ambassador in Mr. Tharoor. His ‘cattle class ‘ comment was famous enough but he beat it all with the comments on love of his life..I strictly mean in the his sole concern of the existence of Kochi’s own team irrespective of the owners..apparently, he was just a ‘MENTOR’.

But then how could our dear Mr. ‘blackberry-designer label-pretty gals-hot cars flaunting' Lalit Modi be left behind..He had to come up with a point to beat Mr. Tharoor in his own game..TWITTER..

There began a match of words with LM bowling bouncers & googlies of accusations & ST batting along with his partner Ms. Sunanda Pushkar..with the cup of Kochi Team at stake..The bowler was strong & knew the soft spots of the batting team..the match started off an a one sided affair.. but as we sat with our popcorns in front of the TV & PC for the latest over of comments & tweets, the match suddenly became more much so that even a few overs of our favorite IPL were missed to watch this new match. Mr. ST was declared retired hurt (which was better than being declared out). The other team rejoiced as we refilled our glasses. However, the remaining members of the batting team came together & Mr. LM was ousted from the ground on accusation of ball tampering as we gaped in amazement..aah…the perfect game..what more could we ask for?? It had fun, thrill, suspense, action, reaction, romance, comedy.. we even had a newspaper covering the ‘before’ & ‘after’ pics of Ms. Pushkar’s nose’s plastic surgery.

But, this game is far from over..We still have Mr. Modi tweeting that he’ll be back..So Ladies & Gentlemen, the sequel is around the corner..
(Well, actually this might turn to a daily soap).

Anyways, IPL is here to stay!!