Saturday, September 25, 2010

November Rain List

November Rain.. a song that everyone likes (or has a memory connected to it)..atleast I haven’t met a person who hasn’t proclaimed love for this song / smiled at the song & when asked for the reason for the smile, they give an elusive 'its a secret' look. Even the people who do not have an inclination to rock music have said that they can listen to this (looooonnng) song anytime.

Confession time..i don’t like the isn’t that I haven’t tried.. the guitar, lyrics, video..all are good but somehow I still can’t bring myself to like the song..though I have had discussions in which I have claimed that I really like this GnR number. However, it was all a lie (well, yes I do lie & iam dabbang enough to accept it).

In order to connect to this song, I have decided to start making a list called the ‘ November Rain List’ It shall include all things that I wish I liked coz everybody seems to love them. Well, I can already think of a couple of the things that belong to this list.

F1 : It’s the biggest confession of all .. i am not fond of Formula 1. There i said it.  I love cricket (yes, I am a true Indian), I like soccer, I can watch tennis, badminton, all other sports, games, et all..but somehow the whole excitement about F1 leaves me baffled. Well, I do know a bit about F1 ( till its about Schumacher..he’s the only F1 guy I can remember right now) thanks to my friends, news, twitter, facebook. I know that Iam not alone who isn’t a fan of the sport. I certainly have met people who pretend that they watch every race but the one which is being discussed at the given point.
I hope people would stop asking me about my reaction to the last race or my prediction for the next race (atleast after reading this post).

Reading motivational books : All the Deepak Chopra s of the world could not make me read this genre. Trust me, many have tried..I can read a fiction (have read some in record time), history, biographies (ok,I haven’t read many..just a couple of them),anything & everything..but somehow, I am not able to read the books by so called ‘motivational gurus’. I now they are well researched, inspirational, attention grabbing (supposedly) books..but somehow their aura has always eluded me. I read them whenever I feel insomniac..and the effect of such a book on me is much better than counting sheep.

I am happy that I atleast started this list (will keep on adding stuff). Now, whenever I will hear this song, I too will have something to smile about.