Monday, March 29, 2010


How do you answer..whats up?? Or wazzup?? or howz it going?? I have been trying to figure out answer to these seemingly simple questions but have still not been able to find a standard suitable answer. The problem becomes worse when somebody who hasn’t met you for a long time suddenly asks this question..Imagine this interaction on some social networking site..You see a friend (who hasn’t met you in last 5 years) is online, u feel happy &
You : Hey!!
Friend : Hello..wazzup??

What’s supposed to be the answer?? Obviously you might find it awkward to tell the person about the latest movie u watched / the pretty dress u bought / d most amazingly delicious ice-cream you dreamt about yesterday which made you smile in the morning & wish you could sleep a little longer to find out the name of the flavor (mmmmm…). Coming back to the question, what are you supposed to tell them??? Well, I have realized that in this match of social correspondence, the one who poses the ‘wazzup’ question first, wins. And after that the conversation is no problem.

Frankly, I am not very good at answering this question..So, I asked a few able conversationalists about the answer to this dreadful question ‘WHAZZUP’ posed by a friend (meeting after 5 – 10 years). A few remarkable replies are given below :

1) Answer through a counter question (max. votes..supposed to be the correct reply)
- Am doing great..what’s up on your end??
- Am have you been?? Where are you nowadays??

2) Answer in loooong stories..
- Start with your job, your working hours, your marital status, your friends…in short, a 200
word write-up on your life..till the other person regrets asking the question

3) Literal answer
- Sky!! (Love d answer :) )

4) Avoid the question & let the other person know that u are not interested in a conversation
- Nothing..

5) Then there were a list of people who were as blank as me (some even blanker..if possible).

(A very special thanks to all the people who took out time to be a part of this utterly silly survey)

Well, everybody who’s reading this, wazzup????


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