Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dream a little dream

Having a dream in life is a luxury; trying to achieve it give you a kick & reaching your goal is an achievement of the highest degree.
Well when I talk about dreams, the reference is tangible dreams & not vague ones – to make money & have a lavish lifestyle,et al. Dreams which makes you wish to put in all your efforts & your energy in realizing them; dreams which make you smile at each step; dreams which are so powerful that you live your life in order to live the dream-whether the final goal is achieved or not. The pleasure of living your life with your dream as a part of it must be worth waking up for.

But how many of us have that dream, that goal, that aim???

For most of the people, the toughest decision in life is deciding what decision to make, what goal to have. The people who know what they want in life – sports, academics, anything, anything at all are envied by others. And its not just the famous personalities or the so called celebrities that I salute; but even the people who decide that they do not wish to do anything other than stay at home & do nothing other than watch TV & socialize. Anybody who knows what they want in life are already achievers in my book. Well surely they have their bouts of uncertainty about the small things like what to eat or what to wear but the ability to make life changing / life altering decisions (whatever they are) make them special & consequently heroes in my eyes.

In case they are able to achieve their dreams, they are satisfied & if they do not achieve, it might be because they haven’t tried (for whatever reason) & they regret it or maybe they tried but failed to achieve them. In all cases, they have a story in their lives, a sense of achievement / regret, a sweet smile of remembrance, a dream to hold & cherish.

But what about the maximum people (oh yes there are many) who spend their whole life without any dream, who live life as it comes & move with the current. Most of them spend time cribbing about their day-to-day jobs, their lives, hoping for something better. But they do not know what; what will give them the sense of achievement when they are at the end of their lives. They wish to do something..but do not know what; they want to be satisfied in life but do not know how.

They dream of a dream..but do not know the dream.

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  1. Wonderful. Goals are what keep us going on and keep us pushing harder and harder but as you very well said that goals should be realistic and achievable.

    Thanks for the inspiration!